Breakfast at the Hotel Origami Strasbourg

Gourmet breakfasts

To start your day in Strasbourg, your breakfast will be served every day in the open lobby and will delight the greediest: served as a buffet, recharge your energy with our savoury and sweet dishes, cold or hot, from local and organic products.

Enjoy your breakfast comfortably with our custom Brunner benches and chairs, allowing you to wake up gently. Return to childhood, "by grandma", with our old school dishes.

For your business breakfasts in Strasbourg, think of our dedicated private room and enjoy the quiet surrounding to discuss your professional projects. 

Discover our suppliers and their quality products:


Les jardins de Gaïa

“Les jardins de Gaïa”: pioneers of organic tea since their creation in 1994, Les Jardins de Gaïa now offer nearly 500 organic teas and herbal teas of excellence, most of them in fair trade and some in biodynamics.

It is thanks to long-lasting and sustained relationships with producers that Jardins de Gaïa offer an exceptional range of good teas addressed to novices as well as amateurs and expert! Original natal teas mixed with house blends, everything is handmade in their premises in Alsace.

Biodynamics, biodiversity, agro-ecology, ethics: in her action, Arlette the Manager tends towards harmony and trains producers, collaborators and consumers towards the values she believes in and which are essential in her life.

Discover now the delicious teas of Jardins de Gaia for breakfast!


Rothgerber, fruit farm: located in Traenheim since 1542, the Rothgerber family has always been devoted to growing vines and arboriculture.

The sunny hillsides of the vineyard, the fresh and rich soils, a careful preserved land, transmitted from generation to generation, together with the values of work, respect and love of creation that are here, offers optimal conditions for the production of very high-quality fruit.

Awarded with successive medals at the General Agriculture Competition, their fruit juices of great tradition offer you the best of fruit. Made from carefully selected fruit and directly bottled on the farm, they make you find100% natural fruit juice.

Discover the excellent juice of the Rothgerber fruit farm right now at breakfast!

Ferme apicole du Neuhof

Apiary farm of Neuhof: located in the heart of Strasbourg, the apical farm of Neuhof is the last professional beekeeper of Strasbourg.

The farm offers products straight out of the hive, as well as its derivatives. Acacia honey, creamy forest honey, linden honey, chestnut honey, rosemary honey, lemon honey, coriander honey, orange honey, eucalyptus honey, bee pellets, honey balls, beeswax ... What to eat in a healthy and greedy way!

Discover now some varieties of honeys for breakfast!


It was in 1921 that Julie and Charles BEYER deposited the mark of "the Mulhouse swallow". This name is a tribute to the swallows who each spring came to nest under the roof of their store.

For four generations, the Beyer family has been producing jams, fruits in jars, 100% fruit pulp in respect of a family-friendly experience. The products are made with rigorously selected fruits, traditionally cooked in a cauldron.

To innovate and continue to offer quality products, BEYER develops in 2006 a range of premium products with 66% fruit (20% more fruit and 20% less sugar). In 2009 innovation continues with the launch of a range of 100% fruit pulp in jars. In February 2011, BEYER Launches a range of extra organic jams.

Enjoy their succulent jams during your breakfast!

Ferme Saint Ulrich

Producer Alsatian of milk since always, the Farm Saint Ulrich transforms it since 1985, itself and in its walls, in a multitude of dairy products farmers.

This passion of farmer breeder who lives in them, they offer you in their different varieties of yogurts, custard, custard, cottage cheese, butter or simply in the milk.

Their Ethics lies in placing their cows in maximum comfort so that these "ladies" can offer you the best milk possible.

A new barn meets the latest standards of animal and environmental welfare has been operational since August 5, 2014. It allows cows to be milked themselves at their ease by a well-known milking robot. The milk immediately cooled to 3°C (exclusive to the farm Saint Ulrich) is well protected from any contamination to the refrigerated processing workshop.

At the Hotel Origami, we offer you their natural and fruit yogurts, for your greatest greed.

Moulin des Moines

The Moulin Des Moines is built on the site of a mill 13th century founded by Cistercian monks in the heart of the Alsatian countryside, near the Zorn River. The Cistercian monks were known for their advanced agrarian techniques and perfect knowledge of their cultures, teaching agriculture to spread their science, and remained on the site of the Moulin Des Moines until the French Revolution.

The Moulin Des Moines is one of the first to process cereals from organic farming. It is part of a coherent approach to protect the environment: they are completely autonomous and produce their own energy thanks to the turbine fed by the Zorn River. In addition, selective sorting of waste, composting and feeding of many animal species, including a deer farm, contribute to the recycling and recovery of cereal waste from the mill.

Their supplies support production chains, giving priority to direct supplies from organic producers. Their productions promote local and regional employment accessible to all, it is a citizen commitment to the sustainability of businesses on a human scale in the countryside. They are centred on a diet richer in taste, tastier, retaining all its nutritional properties really beneficial for our well-being.

The development of each product is accompanied by a reflection on their mode of consumption, in order to avoid unnecessary packaging and not to use artifices.

Alsace lait

The Cooperative Alsace Lait was born in 1979 from the merger of Laiterie Centrale de Strasbourg. Created in 1915, with 4 cooperatives of the region, it demands the best quality for its products.

The rich and vivacious culinary culture of Alsace makes the Alsace region a land of choice for gastronomy. Alsace is also a region where the dynamism of man has maintained traditions while cultivating modernity. Deeply committed to its regional roots, the Alsace Lait Cooperative is doing their best to promote its gourmet products and develop their distribution beyond the region.

They are present in 170 Alsatian villages, nearly 250 producers supply their cooperative daily: their presence and their activity contribute strongly to maintain a real dynamic in our villages and to promote the balance city-campaign which contributes to the quality of life of our region.

Each producer is particularly invested in the quality of their milk for the greatest satisfaction of our customers and for their own satisfaction: it is a matter of personal pride of the job well done.

At the Hotel Origami, we offer you their milk ...: authentic pleasure, all the flavour of a fresh milk collected on the farms of our farmers located near the cooperative ... and their 0% white cheese: rich in nutrients while being low in sugar and fat, the 0% white cheese is ideal to maintain its line.

Pierre Schmidt

In 1911, in the lively district of Grand'rue in Strasbourg, passers stopped and discovered what is then a butcher's shop charcuterie. Peter Schmidt is working in the back of the shop to prepare his charcuterie. His neighbours will describe him as an enthusiast, a craftsman with golden fingers who wants to make his products exceptional dishes, inimitable taste ...

By dint of ideas and ambition, Peter Schmidt sees his small business grow ... but disappears prematurely, in 1935; his wife then his son Pierre take over the thread and continue to develop the market with tasty recipes ...

The family business will grow even larger; by moving it to Weyersheim, some twenty kilometres north of Strasbourg, Pierre Schmidt will increase its production capacity in key products such as sausages, roulades or other smoked products, and diversify the catering range by offering products such as: ham crust, pies or even the feuillantines and the famous Flammekueche. Today, Pierre Schmidt continues its development, based on a unique blend of tradition and innovation, to perpetuate this family know-how, to the delight of gourmands and gourmets.